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Mates of state - european tour 2003

Mates of State's songs are notable for their male/female vocal harmony , shifting rhythms , and quirky song structure – most tracks comprise distinct, almost disjointed movements. Both members sing with great intensity, often in the upper ranges of their voices, and often simultaneously sing different, complementary melodies and lyrics. Tempos are nearly always fast, with beats often resembling those found in electronic club or dance music.

Mates of State released their first full length record, My Solo Project , on Omnibus Records in 2000, and by the following year were touring cities across the United States. With subsequent Polyvinyl Records releases Our Constant Concern , Team Boo , and 2004's four song . All Day , Mates of State have further pushed their musical vision and have seen their fanbase steadily grow. Their fourth full length album is due out in the spring of 2006.

We each vote for the commoner who we want to represent us in the House of Commons. The only people who get to vote for the Prime Minister are those in the PM's constituency.

Mates Of State - European Tour 2003Mates Of State - European Tour 2003Mates Of State - European Tour 2003Mates Of State - European Tour 2003