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李谷一 - 鸟翅 = bird wing

[0003] 纯音码的优点:一是不会写但会发音的汉字通常能打出来;二是易学。 [0003] The advantages of pure tone codes: one can not write but the pronunciation of Chinese characters usually play out; the second is to learn. 而其缺点:一是对发音不准的人来说输入汉字有一定的难度;二是纯音码输入“看打”不方便;三是重码率高,输入汉字时需频繁翻页。 Its drawbacks: First, enter the characters are not allowed to pronounce people who have some difficulty; the second is pure tone code input "see fight" inconvenient; Three is a code rate, the frequent need to flip the input of Chinese characters.